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Lost Pets

Dog Running in Water

Precautionary Steps

  1. Make sure you have recent photos of all of your pets and record their microchip number in a safe place.

  2. Micro chipping is great way for your pet to be identified without a collar.  A small chip is inserted under pet’s skin, which is registered to your pet. If lost they will be scanned and the identified by the chip. Shelters And Veterinarians all have scanners to check for chips.​​​​ To contact microchips companies, click here.

  3. When you move, contact the Micro Chip Company, Treasurer’s office and Veterinarian with updated contact information.

  4. License your pet. This is another way to help your pet be identified and returned to you.

What To Do If Your Pet is Lost

  1. Contact your Veterinarian’s office and surrounding animal hospitals. 

    1. View additional emergency contact details here.​

  2. Contact Local Animal Shelters (AWSOM). PH: 570-421-3647

  3. Facebook is a great tool; this is where a current picture comes in handy. If lost locally, you can post on one of these facebook pages.

    1. Monroe County​, PA Lost Pets

    2. Lost and Found pets in NEPA

  4. State the facts: When & where your pet was last seen, a description, and what kind of ID it has.

  5. Put up flyers in the area where you lost your pet. Make sure they have a picture and date.

  6. Contact your microchip company.

  7. Contact your local and state police departments.

    1. Pocono Mountain Regional PH: 570-895-2400

    2. Swiftwater PA State Police PH: 570-839-7701

    3. Monroe County Treasures Office (Dog Licensing) PH: 570-517-3180

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