XYLITOL- This ingredient is found in many peanut butters and chewing gum -CAUTION THIS IS TOXIC TO YOUR PETS


Call the doctor if you see these signs:

Unusual behavior, including aggression or lethargy
Unusual discharge from the nose, eyes or other body openings
An increase or decrease in appetite that lasts more than a few days
Excessive head shaking, scratching or licking
Swelling or abnormal lumps
Limping or difficulty getting up or lying down
Foul breath or excessive deposits on teeth
Changes in urination or drinking habits
Persistent vomiting or diarrhea
Obvious injury or illness

Normal for your dog: Body Temp 100.5 to 102.5 F 

Heart Rate 70-120 beats per minute
Normal for your cat: Body Temp 100 -102.5 F 

Heart Rate 140-220 beats per minute


Precautionary Steps:

Make sure you have recent photos of all of your pets
Micro chipping is great way for your pet to be identified without a collar.  A small chip is inserted under pet’s skin, which is registered to your pet. If lost they will be scanned and the identified by the chip. Shelters And Veterinarians all have scanners to check for chips.
License your pet- This is another way your pet may be identified and you, the owner contacted.
When you move, contact the Micro Chip Company, Treasurer’s office and Veterinarian with updated contact information.

What to do if you pet is lost:

  • Contact your Veterinarian’s office and surrounding animal hospitals
  • Contact Local Animal Shelters (AWSOM 570-421-3647)
  • Contact your local and State Police (see below)
  • Facebook is a great tool; this is where a current picture is helpful.
  • State the facts: When & where your pet was last seen, a description, and what kind of ID it has.
  • Put up flyers in the area where you lost your pet. Make sure they have a picture and date.
  • Contact your microchip company

Contact your local and state police departments:

Pocono Mountain Regional 570-895-2400
Swiftwater PA State Police 570-839-7701

Monroe County Treasures Office (Dog Licensing)